Company Background

Established in 1998, originally as Hamer Technology Limited, the business was sold to one of the founding staff members, Greg Linton, and HV Diagnostic Services Limited was born in August of 2004. We were the first in the country to offer a PD testing service and Greg has been at the forefront of this specialised Industry for more than 20 years – no one has worked in this field longer in New Zealand.

HV Diagnostic Services Ltd continues to provide a range of independent high-technology condition monitoring services for the High Voltage industry and we are proud to have more experience in this niche field than anyone else. We have a proven track record at finding PD defects and always operate with honesty and integrity.

Our products and services, which are used extensively throughout Asia, the US, UK and Europe are available to power network companies, large institutions and industry nationwide. We are experts in EA Technology products and offer instrument sales, training and support backed up by EA Australia.

As an EA Technology Ltd trained service provider and the Authorised instrument distributor for New Zealand, we are able to offer the following:

  • Online Partial Discharge Survey’s of HV Switchgear
  • Continuous Partial Discharge Monitoring of HV Switchboards
  • Offline VLF Partial Discharge Cable Mapping
  • Handheld Condition monitoring Instrument sales

Other services we offer include Overhead Thermography and VLF Cable Mapping to complement PD surveys in ground mount switchgear.

EA Technology representative from our global network 

With access to the EA Technology database, we have an in-depth awareness and understanding of the main types of switchgear installed on distribution networks, and a knowledge of the defect history of particular types of switchgear installed.

The Future

We are always introducing additional condition monitoring services. We will continue to share our experience with industry via involvement with trade shows and published articles in industry magazines. For further information please contact us in Christchurch, New Zealand.