HV Diagnostic Services Ltd are based in Christchurch and provide our services Nationwide. We provide a range of independent high technology condition monitoring services for the High Voltage Industry. Owner Greg has over 20 years of experience and can offer expert advice.

Partial Discharge is a phenomenon that commonly occurs in various overhead network components. It can occur for a number of reasons, which is where HVDS comes in. We are a knowledgeable crew, who can get to the cause of any Partial Discharge issues.

As with the ground mount surveys, we offer condition assessment for overhead networks predominantly within High Voltage switchyards and usually in conjunction with the Switchboard survey. We use three complimentary techniques – Ultrasonic (with Dish) for surface discharge, UHF for ‘internal’ discharge activity and Infrared Thermography (using Guide Camera) for Hotspots and other thermal anomalies.

We understand that when it comes to Partial Discharge there are a range of sensor technologies and can easily assess and advise on what option is best suited to your situation. Utilising the right assessment method ensures the most effective results.

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