HV Diagnostic Services Ltd offer a Thermographic inspection service on Overhead Networks and Greg has used various models over the years.  We have an extensive working knowledge of  Thermal imaging cameras from Guide Sensmart and currently utilise the C640.

Guide Sensmart was established in 2016. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guide Infrared, a public company in the Shenzhen market with more than 20 years of experience in the infrared industry.  Their product range is diverse and covers entry-level imagers through to professional quality cameras.

HVDS have access to specialised handheld thermal cameras, direct from the manufacturer, Guide Sensmart. They are Asia’s largest manufacturer of this equipment and focus on development, manufacture, and marketing of infrared thermal imaging products for commercial applications.

Browse the handheld thermal cameral selection guide below, or get in touch with the friendly team at HV Diagnostic Services for more information.